Nigeria, South Africa Operate Difficult Visa Regimes, Say AfDB, AU

A report of the African Development Bank Group and the African Union has ranked Nigeria and South Africa as some of the nations that make it difficult for prospective African travellers to secure entry visas.

The report titled, ‘Africa Openness Report 2019,’ ranked 54 African countries on three openness issues in securing visa – where no visa was required, where visa was issued on arrival and where visa was required.

The report ranked Nigeria 30 and South Africa 35 among 54 countries.

On top of the ranking were Seychelles and Benin Republic with their no visa policies. They were followed by Senegal, Rwanda, Uganda, Guinea Bissau, Cabo Verde, Togo and Mauritania in the same order.

From the bottom of the list were Equatorial Guinea, Libya, Sudan, Eritrea, South Sudan, Egypt, Morocco, Burundi, Algeria and Democratic Republic of Congo.

The ranking means that it is easier to visit the nations on top of the ranking and more difficult to visit the nations at the bottom of the ranking.

The report said, “The Africa Visa Openness Index measures how open African countries are when it comes to visas by looking at what they ask of citizens from other countries in Africa when they travel.

 “It aims to show at a glance which countries are facilitating travel for citizens of other countries and how, whether they allow people to travel to their countries without a visa, if travellers can get a visa on arrival in the country, or if visitors need to get a visa before they travel.


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