10 Ideas For A Midweek Exhale!

exfeatSo who says one has to wait till the weekend to catch some fun?

its Wednesday people,i feel like i should press the restart button, change my focus and exhale!

Everyday,we have a whole lot of things struggling for our attention, there will always be.and never a perfect time to do the things we want to do,even at the weekend ,we never find the time because we already have the weekend itenary packed.

When you have been seating at your table working for hours, doctors advice says to get up, walk around and stretch your legs..similarly if you work so hard all day, all week without a midweek pause..you will break down, here are a few ideas to catch some fun, get a midweek exhale..responsibly

1.Ladies invite your girls out for lunch

2.Gentlemen  host your buddy to a cold drink and a football match at your place after work (As Manchester City hosts United)

3. Mums take the family to eat out so you do not have to cook

4. Ladies go to the spa after work and get a massage,facials,pedicure,manicure…pamper yourself

5.Call an old friend or relative you have not being in touch with for a while and hook up, or just catch up on old times

6.Attend midweek service…oh yes…that helps

7.Pray for someone at work who is going through a tough time,reaching out to others is great therapy for one’s soul

8. Get rid off stuff you do not need, your wardrobe will breathe and you will exhale

9. Do something selfish, just for you,maybe a photo shoot,you and yours will cherish the photos when you are old!

10.Take a long walk around your neighborhood,you will be amazed what you will discover, you cant do that when you drive past everyday.


ENJOY YOur Witty Wednesday!













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