1.7 million Candidates Ready To Write UTME Exams – JAMB

The Registrar of Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Is-haq Oloyede has said that about 1.7 million candidates are expected to write the UTME examination next Saturday nationwide.

The Registrar also said the organization would sanction any operator of computer based centres (CBT) who would want to sabotage the unified matriculation examination.

Oloyede, during the final briefing on the 2017 unified tertiary matriculation examination for computer based test centres proprietors in Abuja on Friday, said any CBT operator caught sabotaging the examination would be severely dealt with.

He said: “The truth is that we are going to sanction some of them who misbehave and we mean it. We need to at least caution them. I will not go into some of those things I mentioned to them. You need to send some correct signal to some people.

“We have put some things in place to reduce malpractices and we have also sent the correct signal to the people that whoever is caught will be severely dealt with.

He said the agency has tackled issues of multiple registration.

“One major problem is multiple registration and that we have tried to tackle. Even the issue of carrying jottings into examination hall will be reduced if the examination body is careful enough.

“We have tried our best to put in place things that will make cheating in the examination not attractive. Whoever is caught doing what he or she is not expected to do we will allow the full weight of the law to come down on the person,” he added.

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